The 9 Most Annoying Things Every Graphic Designer Does

This was on Creative Bloq the other week…I’m not a professional graphic designer but as I like design, and I’m a very visual person, let’s see how I did 🙂

1. Buys anything that has a nice packaging

According to Sue, I’m guilty as charged on this one. To be fair I don’t buy anything that has a nice package but I find I want to a lot of the time…and I did buy a packet of Kallo breadsticks the other week for no reason other than the fact that I loved the packet illustration – the font of the box is now on my pinboard. Back in the early 80s when we first got together Sue could never fahom how when I went shopping I bought Preto’s ‘basics’ marmalde and corn flakes…but would then counter any financial saving by getting the tissues which came in the prettiest box: I’m still a sucker for a pretty tissue box by the way. So yeah, I’m putting my hands up for it, but then again why not have lots of things in pretty boxes to make your home a prettier place?

2. Critiques the menu design of a restaurant every single time they dine

Not guilty. We don’t dine out very often so don’t really see that many menus. The last place we ate out was Le Manoir and everything at Le Manoir is beyond criticism. That doesn’t mean that I’ve not done the ‘ooh, I love that font’ thing (see number 3, below) when we do eat out though.

3. Downloads every beautiful font they see

Okay, I don’t download them all…but I do download a fair few. I do have a tendency though that when one of the students at work wants a font downloaded and installed to find myself thinking that it looks either nice or fun..then taking a copy of it home to use in a future piece of work…which may or may not actually appear. Though I did once bring a student-picked font home and found exactly the right use for it.

4. Listens to music you’ve never heard of

What music have you heard of? Seriously in a lot of cases this is only because I like the music from my youth..and a lot of people I talk to are younger than that…a lot younger. I also do tend to like singer-songwriters who don’t make mainstream. But I don’t think I exclusively listen to music people have never heard of

5. They make your instagram photos look like trash

Nope, there are loads of people who aren’t even designers who make my instagram photos look like trash! Innocent of all charges

6. Critques every advertisment they see

Innocent again. I’m very generous to the world of print advertisements…unless they’ve got really ropy photoshop in them, like this one, which I seriously hope is intended to not look realistic….please….

7.They will close your website if it’s old school

I don’t manage websites, and I’m not a web designer so not guilty…the fact that I redesigned the bat group website without bothering to ask or tell anybody on the committee because I thought it looked very old-fashioned as it was doesn’t count because I was in charge of that one..

8. Gets mad if they ask you for a high-res photo and you paste it in word

Who doesn’t hate it when people do that? Why does anybody do that anyway?  Really, why?  You must have the picture in the first place, why paste it into a word document and THEN send it It’s not quicker, or easier!. People who do this should be lined up and shot….

9. Prefers beautifully designed front book covers

I wouldn’t buy a book just for the beautifully designed cover….though the cover has made me open a fair few in Waterstones. Probably counts as innocent of the charge? 


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