Michael Borremans – thank you artstack

I’ve just signed up for Artstack, as though I didn’t already have enough blogs and sites to read every day. But I really like it as it shows me lots of art that I didn’t necessarily know about and much of which I really like.

Like Belgian artist Michael Borremans, who I discovered this week.

(Image linked in from Salomea’s Room)

He’s a contemporary artist, alive and working today, though his paintings are clearly in the Old Master style and very ‘painterly’ (according to Wikipedia he cites Valazquesz as an important influcence) … though they’re also very surreal, sometimes to the extreme.  You work your way down a figure to discover that they’ve got no legs and are floating just above a table top for example.  Or people are shown from the back but with their clothes on back to front.  I’m not sure I’ve got much to actually say about him, apart from the fact that a) I’d love to own one of his pictures and/or b) I’d love to be able to paint like that!

But I really do recommend that you go and spend some time looking at his work online – worth checking out this link on Salomea’s Room for more samples of his painting, or just google for him


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