Destiny – I want that garden

As any regular player of Destiny will know, it’s Iron Banner this week, which means playing loads of great games of crucible…and, for me equally importantly, it meant the Traveller’s Walk was open and sometimes it gets dark. See, and this is probably not something uppermost in the minds of the concept artists, I want that garden. Or perhaps more accurately, I want that garden lighting effect. The design isn’t that original, it’s very much the sort of thing a modern designer might have come up with for a reasonably sized modernist home, central path flanked by two rills, flanked by two grass borders; various trees offset to either side. In daylight it’s okay, but nothing special…but after dark the lights come on: horizontal side lighters on the two rills; uplighters on the buildings and the tree; various spots picking things out. It’s amazing. The first time I saw it I was all about how much I wanted it. Actually, most of the tower comes alive after it gets dark. The game’s lighting designer really got it right with various concealed lights picking out parts of the structure…and if you go down to the lower hanger where the keeper is there are lovely effects on the walls down there. I like wandering around in the rooms in the hangers too with all the armchairs and sofas (note to the game engineer, why if I can sit on the floor can I not sit on the chairs?), and views out of the windows. I love it.

But it’s that garden with it’s lights I really want!

Unfortunately the lighting effects don’t really come through in a screenshot, but this should give you an idea of what it’s like.

Okay, so we don’t have a modernist home, it’s a pretty conventional semi-detached house in a small rural town. But we could achieve this sort of look, we’ve got trees and large bushes which would take uplighters. Our pond is a wildlife pond so not suitable for lights but we’re going to be adding more water features in the coming year which will be able to take underwater lighting.

I’ve been gathering things I like on my Garden Lighting pinterest..


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