No more planned posting, not for me, no sir…

I haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks and, you know, I feel fine about that. Totally abandoned my ‘new post ever Sunday and Wednesday’ schedule and, you know, I feel fine about that as well. Because I realised that all the advice out there for aspiring bloggers had got it all wrong. Blogging isn’t about ‘building a subscriber base’ or ‘increasing your view count’, it isn’t about strategies for ‘increasing your visibility’. It’s about producing content with which you’re happy. It’s nice when somebody else reads it, and even nicer when they comment, but that isn’t the end goal. The advice seems to assume that the end goal of all bloggers is to make at least part of your living from blogging. One blogger has a thing called bloggingbreakthrough which she says will help you “find out what your audience wants, plan your content, create your brand, use social media effectively & lots more”, and that’s right there in block capitals. I tried her ideas a while back and it was interesting (as well as hard work) to see how it all fitted together and I can see how integrating blogging and social media can increase your traffic. But in the end I realised I loathed it. I hated it with a vengeance.

Because it wasn’t what I think blogging is about

Blogging is about the act of writing. It’s about having ideas and publishing them online. It’s not about who, if anybody, reads them. I don’t want to find out what people want and write it. I want to write what I want to write, in the best way I can, and if anybody finds it and reads it then great. I don’t want to follow up on my post by using my social media to publicise it, I don’t want to have timed Twitter posts to come out at whatever time my blog stats say I get the most visitors. I don’t want to have my posts planned ahead for the next couple of weeks. I’m not a brand, I don’t want to BE a brand; I’m a guy who writes stuff.

So Visupulse is still going to continue, still going to be my thoughts about visual stuff I’ve found exciting or interesting, and my ideas about art and design. But not to a timetable, just when I’ve got something to actually say, because the Internet doesn’t need more words for the sake of them


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